Randonesia: Be carefully.


When I was a little boy, just learning to talk and still figuring out the intricacies of the English language, I would caution others to “be carefully”. Little kids say the funniest things, and they say these things with the sincerity and urgency of those whose possess an extremely limited…


sexy motherfucker


If 40k fun, then I suppose this one is my favourite :D
This though.

I have seen the infamous Death Company: wild-eyed and foam-mouthed berserkers who tear their enemies limb from limb, crush skulls with a single blow, snap spines and rip out inner organs. I have seen the Sanguinary Priests: the passing of blood filled chalices from lip to lip, heard their wracking lamentations of Sanguinus’s death. I have watched their rituals: mighty warriors daubing their armour in the blood of their foes, heard them crying for vengeance against the enemies of the Emperor.

Dat speach.

Spaff, spaff everywhere..

I need this armour in my life! Lion El’Jonson, beast.
Leman Russ though, Leman FUCKING Russ.
Sanguinious…I wish I was him but only not dead.